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Sanitary fittings

Sanitary fittings: these are the components and materials used to lay water supply and heating circuits in the buildings. There are enhanced requirements and expectations attached to the components used to lay water supply and heating circuits in residential, communal, commercial and industrial facilities. The structure, quality and technical properties of the sanitary fittings determine the durability, efficiency and installation and servicing ease of the installed circuit. The VALTEC products absolutely conform to the said criteria. The most important factor is the systematic approach of the proposed solutions.




12-12-2019 10:12

Changes in the Assortment for Polypropylene Systems

Use VTp.781 manifold tees in polypropylene instead of VTp.780 manifolds

19-11-2019 21:11

New: VALTEC Deslimer Filter

We present VT.382/383 wash magnetic sludge trap to your attention

15-11-2019 13:11

New in Safety Fittings

We would like to bring VT.496 nickel plated safety valve

16-10-2019 15:10

New: leveling plug

VTr.583.U – auxiliary tool for installation of water outlets

11-09-2019 17:09

Novelties for automation

Two-position electrothermal servo motor VT.TE3043 is now on sale

20-08-2019 14:08

Novelty in assortment of VALTEC filters

We present to your attention wash cascade filter VT.390

07-08-2019 09:08

The assortment of collectors has expanded

The assortment of collectors with regulating valves VTc.570 has expanded

28-05-2019 19:05

New products for installation of INOX-PRESS

Stainless steel nozzles for crimping of fittings with the diameter 42 and 54 mm are now available for sale

24-05-2019 17:05

The range is extended

Polypropylene fittings and pipe VALTEC with the diameter 110 mm are now available for sale

17-05-2019 15:05

Novelties in VALTEC thermostatics

Sets of thermoregulating equipment for radiators with passage to the "eurocone" are now on sale

16-05-2019 11:05

Novelty for radiators

Meet thermostatic angular valve with axial control, pre-setting and additional sealing

15-05-2019 16:05

Kit of «Mini» welding equipment

Novelty in the range of VALTEC installation tools

15-04-2019 16:04

Extension of the range of components

By request of installers, the range was extended of spare parts and components for pipeline valves

08-04-2019 18:04

A new manifold with control valves

The next novelty of VALTEC catalogue went on sale

03-04-2019 18:04

Novelty for boiler houses

The assortment of VALTEC modular mounting systems was replenished with steel hydraulic divider with collector

VALTEC.PRG software
Software to calculate the required sanitary fittings for utility circuits

Ver 3.1.2