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Sanitary fittings

Sanitary fittings: these are the components and materials used to lay water supply and heating circuits in the buildings. There are enhanced requirements and expectations attached to the components used to lay water supply and heating circuits in residential, communal, commercial and industrial facilities. The structure, quality and technical properties of the sanitary fittings determine the durability, efficiency and installation and servicing ease of the installed circuit. The VALTEC products absolutely conform to the said criteria. The most important factor is the systematic approach of the proposed solutions.




06-06-2017 12:06

New radiator valves

We introduce to the market our VT.049.NE thermostatic valve with axial control, preliminary configuration and a vent plug

26-05-2017 20:30

New staff for warm floors

We wish to present you a new VT.VALMIX pump-mixing node

16-05-2017 13:05

Control valve novelty

VALTEC presents a new direct-acting temperature controller VT.348

12-05-2017 12:05

Attention, novelty!

In the VALTEC catalog there is a new automatic differential pressure controller VT.040

11-05-2017 14:05

Novelties of adjusting armature VALTEC

We would like to introduce to you the automatic flow stabilizer VT.PIC

22-03-2017 16:03

New product!

In the range of threaded fittings VALTEC have been included new 2017 catalog items

15-02-2017 16:09

New product-2017

The range of fittings for metal-polymer pipes got a new product from the VALTEC 2017 catalog

08-02-2017 12:02


The range of threaded elbow fittings VTr.092 includes now a new 1/4” model

07-02-2017 13:02

New model in the range of ball valves

VTp.745 is a brass ball valve with two connections to polypropylene piping

30-01-2017 14:01

A new product in automatics

The range of VALTEC automatics was extended by a servo motor with an integrated controller

17-01-2017 12:40

Attention, a new product!

The range of VALTEC automatics was extended by an adjustable thermostat with a contact sensor VT.AC614

28-11-2016 21:11

New addition – electrical pressing tool

The assortment of professional pipe installation tools is extended

21-11-2016 13:11

Attention: new addition!

Assortment of fittings for home appliances is extended with VT.240 corner valve

17-11-2016 12:11

VALTEC Super Protect

We remind you of the availability in the VALTEC assortment of thermal pipe insulation in storage casing

15-11-2016 14:11

Option for ball valves

We are drawing your attention to the availability of the convenient accessory for ball valves in the VALTEC assortment of products

VALTEC.PRG software
Software to calculate the required sanitary fittings for utility circuits

Ver 3.1.2