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Manufacturing Facility Tour

The factory in Europe (Italy) where VALTEC products are manufactured...

...by machines of the latest generation and advanced processing lines.

Almost all the processes are computerised and automated...

...and it helps to reach the highest quality of VALTEC products.

One may notice lots of robotic machines but only few workers.

Stay careful with robotic manipulators being operated.

Finished products are on the processing line:
flowmeters for VALTEC manifolds.

Finished products are on the processing line: VALTEC fittings.

Attention! This is a secret picture!
Type of brass used for making VALTEC valves and fittings is on the receipt.

One more secret revealed!
This is the name of the high quality sanitary brass supplier we work with.

Finished products: air vents.

Famous VALTEC manifolds red hot from forging

When the products are ready, they go to a laboratory for special tests to be performed

We literally "torture" articles by putting them through multiple tests under pressure and bursting samples...

: and soaking products in acids and alkalies. Overall, we imitate "excessive" operating conditions.

After all the tests were performed, a consignment is ready for dispatch. ( in the picture - manifold blocks with flowmeters)

We use robotic machines even for packing and storekeeping.

VALTEC products right before shipment to Russia.

This is how we make reliable products of sanitary engineering!