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Regulatory fittings

The modern water supply and heating circuits cannot be implemented without regulatory and safety fittings, which also provide for comfortable, economic and mainly, safe use of heating and sanitary equipment. The set of VALTEC’s regulatory and safety devices help you solve the problems of regulation of parameters of the working medium, circuit and equipment safety against excessive pressure (pressure surge) etc. the whole of the VALTEC product range is designed as per the Russian operational conditions, is made of high-quality materials, using latest machines and implementing highest levels of quality control at all stages. The valves and regulators offered by VALTEC help you effectively solve the problems arising out of the organization of the functioning of water heating, cold and hot water supplies, air cooling, other hydraulic, as well as pneumatic units. The use of VALTEC surge valve protects the pumping equipment against idol pumping, excludes the possibility of seizure of circulation through the heat generator and maintains the estimated hydraulic regimen in the circulation system. The range of VALTEC mixing valves covers the whole range of uses of such devices (fittings) indoors. The VALTEC check valves are made for use under various conditions.