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The tap water and heating medium in the heating system practically always contains hard particles: rust particles, scale and grains of sand. One type of contaminants is formed as a result of circuit usage, while the other gets into the liquid from outside, for example during repair works. These contaminants cause abrasive wear and tear of system’s components (for example, seals of ball valves), narrowing of channels (particularly radiator’s thermostatic valve) and are one of the main reasons of breakdowns in sanitary mixers, washing machines, dishwashers etc, unless these devices are protected by coarse water cleaning filters (alternative name: Mechanical cleansing filter [Y-Filter]). In a number of cases the installation of water filters is stipulated by rules and regulations as mandatory. VALTEC offer mechanical water filters for cold and hot water supply and heating circuits with working temperature of up to 110 or 150°C, depending on the model. These filters can also be used in circuits carrying compressed air, oils and liquefied hydrocarbon fuels. The filter bodies are made of high-quality brass or bronze (depending on the dimensions), whereas the filter cartridge is made of stainless steel. Average complete life of filters: 30 years.