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Stainless steel pipes

Stainless steel pipes provide longevity, resistance to mechanical wear and tear, predictability of “behaviour” during long years of operations and unusual situations, stability of form, high level of hygiene, resistance to accumulative growths and low hydraulic resistance. The inherent resistance to corrosion, durability properties, plasticity of the structural material enable the production and use of these pipes and thin-walled fittings, using modern installation technologies.

The VT.INBOX-PRESS pipeline system comprises of a variety of products made of alloy-steel brand AISI304, which is optimum for variety of uses.

The pipe joints and connections to other fittings and equipment are done using nozzle-less crimp-fittings.

The areas of use of VT.INBOX-PRESS include drinking water, domestic-drinking water and hot water supplies, heating systems with nominal pressure of up to 16 bar and working temperature of up to 95 (maximum - 120)°С, as well as for technological pipelines for mediums, which are non-corrosive to the product’s material.

When comparing the costs of various types of pipelines, it is advisable to consider the costs of installation. Accordingly, pipes and fittings, for all sorts of domestic circuits, made of polypropylene are about three times cheaper than the stainless steel analogues. But the installation of polypropylene pipelines is two times and considering all costs, sometimes 6 times more expensive.