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Measuring devices (Meters)

The introduction of meter to record consumption of water at all levels of use: a measure, in which everybody, including the consumers, state bodies and the humanity as a whole, is interested, because without such steps it will not be possible to conserve resources and avert the negative effect of over-consumption on the environment. The path to fitting meters in residential sector is integrated in the Russian law: Federal law №261-FL “About the conservation of energy and improvement in efficient use of energy” stipulates that every apartment must have water meters from 2012 and mandatory measurement of heating consumption per apartment in new buildings. The installation of meters enables you to pay only for the resource that you use in fact. The amount of bill as per the meter readings turns out to be way lower than the amount you would pay as per the number of people living in an apartment or home. Every time the costs of utilities and communal services go up the difference gets bigger and bigger.