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Polypropylene pipe circuits

At present the polypropylene pipes are very popular among professional plumbers, as well as among those, who do their own plumbing at their country homes or apartments. The main reasons for such popularity include: easy availability, dependability, simplicity in installation, long service life (in case of adherence to all requirements, the minimum life is 50 years) and absence of corrosion and moss growth. Starting its production of polypropylene pipes in 2010, VALTEC very quickly started the production of practically the whole range of modern polypropylene pipes. Currently the range of VALTEC range includes pure polypropylene pipes PPR, reinforced polypropylene pipes with fiberglass (PP-FIBER) and aluminium (PP-ALUX), polypropylene fittings and combination fittings. The area of use of these pipes includes cold and hot water supply, heating, technological processes etc. the structural specifics of our products: use of high-quality materials, high level of production, guaranteed high standards of dependability of the circuits. At the same time the prices for VALTEC polypropylene pipes and fittings are set in a range, which is attractive to users of all categories. More so the VALTEC brand also offers a complete range of tools for the installation of polypropylene pipes, the use of which makes the process fast and guarantees high quality.