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Radiator fittings

One of the main requirements for the comfortable and economic use of radiator heating system is the equipping of heating devices with regulatory fittings: with manual or automatic radiator valves. The process of regulation of heating medium’s flow through the radiator or convector enables the achievement of air temperature levels in the premises, which the user requires. Except for the regulating valves, the set of necessary sanitary fittings for radiators includes setting (shutoff-balancing) radiator valves. The use of such valves enables, when needed, the shutting-off of the heating device without the discharge of heating medium from the circuit. The adjustment valves are also needed to exclude the mutual effect of radiators under the conditions, when the quantity of heating medium entering them is not fixed. For circuits with horizontal (floor level and radial) piping, VALTEC offer units with floor level joining of heating devices. The VALTEC radiator fittings enable the quick, compact and accurate plumbing and connection of heating devices. The VALTEC connection units and radiator valves are designed for use in heating circuits with heating medium temperature of 110 to 120°C (depending on the model) and working pressure of up to 10 bar. The average life of VALTEC radiator fittings: 30 years.