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Stainless steel fitting – no-hub bend tube

(VTi.955.I) No-hub bend tube 15 ° in the VT.INOX-PRESS system is designed to be used together with stainless steel press fittings to create piping systems for water supply, heating, other engineering and technological installations with a working temperature of up to 95 °C and a pressure of up to 16 bars. The fitting is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VTi.955.I.15151515 х 15 mm, 15°332 p
VTi.955.I.15222222 х 22 mm, 15°561 p
VTi.955.I.30151515 х 15 mm, 30°332 p
VTi.955.I.30222222 х 22 mm, 30°551 p
VTi.955.I.45151515 х 15 mm, 45°332 p
VTi.955.I.45222222 х 22 mm, 45°561 p
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Stainless steel fittings