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Novelties of adjusting armature VALTEC

In the range of VALTEC control valves there is a novelty, a regulated dynamic automatic flow regulator VT.PIC.

In modern water heating systems, the flow rate of the coolant in individual sections is not a constant. The operation of radiator thermostats, both automatic and manual, causes a change in flow in some areas, and, consequently, leads to an increase in consumption in other sections and branches of the system. The installation of the VT.PIC valve prevents the excess of construction costs, thus balancing the system in a dynamic mode, excluding the emergency of overheated or underheated areas.

Stabilizer consists of two parts. The basic part of the stabilizer is a brass body VT.PICV with measuring branch pipes. The body is equipped with replacement cartridges VT.PICC, which adjust the required flow rate. Therefore, in the case of changes in the heating system (adding or removing heaters or branches), it is enough just to replace or reconfigure the valve cartridge without removing the stabilizer body from the pipeline.