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Polypropylene fitting – polypropylene manifold tee with a ball valve

(VTp.781.0) Polypropylene manifold tee with a ball valve can be used for the manifold production: while welding fittings with each other the installer will receive a flow distributor with the required number of outputs (center distance is 54 mm). To use such a product is more convenient than a finished polypropylene manifold with PPR-welded elbows. Thanks to brass cone (1/2”) or Eurocone (3/4") outlets, pipes can be connected to such a manifold using conventional manifold fittings.

Tee body is made of PPR100 polypropylene, the thread fitting is brass (alloy grade is CW617N, manufacturing method is hot stamping), nickel-plated. The ball valve is chrome plated on a copper substrate and sealed with Teflon rings. A pin is sealed by two rings of EPDM Sh70. Diameter of branch pipe for socket welding (inner/outer) is 40 mm.


Application example:

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VTp.781.0.0400440 mm х 1/2"356 p
VTp.781.0.0400540 mm х 3/4"376 p
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