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Cartridge with open setting for VT.PICV flow stabilizer

(VT.PICC.G) A replaceable cartridge with an open setting is an integral part of the automatic flow stabilizer VT.PIC.

After setting the required flow rate, the cartridge is screwed into the brass body of VT.PICV instead of the mount plug. This concept allows to do without dismantling the stabilizer body, when making changes to the heating system (adding or removing heaters or branches) while bypassing or replacing the cartridge.

The tuning flow rate is maintained by the stabilizer in the working interval of pressure differences indicated in the technical specifications of the corresponding cartridge.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VT.PICC.G.02017–210 kPa, 100–412 l/h, black3436 p
VT.PICC.G.035Картридж с встроенным регулировочнымс клапаном VALTEC, для корпуса 1/2" или 3/4", 16-200 кПа, 37-575 л/ч, Сер. (590123)7175 p
VT.PICC.G.036Картридж с встроенным регулировочнымс клапаном VALTEC, корпуса 1/2" или 3/4", 30-400 кПа, 64-1110 л/ч, Черн. (590124)7175 p
VT.PICC.G.136Картридж с встроенным регулировочнымс клапаном VALTEC, для корпуса 1", 16-400 кПа, 865-4630 л/ч, Черн (590125)14035 p
VT.PICC.G.02117–210 kPa, 157–609 l/h, green3436 p
VT.PICC.G.02530–400 kPa, 238–896 l/h, green3436 p
* Prices shown are recommended retail prices by the manufacturer


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