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Liner for the immersion temperature sensor

(VTr.551.N) The liner VTr.551 is designed for the immersion temperature sensor installation. The liner has a screw to fix the sensor and a ring EPDM, which excludes the need to use additional sealing materials during installation.During installation on the pipeline, it is recommended to use the liner for the immersion temperature sensor in conjunction with the tapered VTr.136 tee.

The product can be used in systems with operating pressure up to 10 bar and operating temperature up to 130 °C. Thread size is ½”, sensor socket diameter is 12 mm.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VTr.551.N.040641/2" х 64 mm166 p
VTr.551.N.040901/2" х 90 mm185 p
* Prices shown are recommended retail prices by the manufacturer


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