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New staff for warm floors

VALTEC equipment list for the water warm floor enjoys a new position - this is a new VT.VALMIX pump-mixing node.

VALTEC VALMIX pump mixing node is designed to create an open circulation contour with a temperature of heat-agent lowered up to the installed level in the heating system.

    Main differences of the VT. VALMIX node from the VT.COMBI pump-mixing node:
  • No cross valve.
  • The mounting length of pump is 130 mm (VT.COMBI's length is 180 mm).
  • Manual rather than automatic vent plug.
  • No ball valves on the pump input and output.
  • Greater compactness.
  • Lower cost.

The VALMIX node is supplied without a pump. Recommended models for making a set are VRS 25/4-130, VRS 25/6-130.

Use VT.TE3061 servoactuator with VT.K200.M controller.