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Angular valve for connection of household appliances

(VT.240.TN) The use of a VT.240 corner valve allows you to adjust the flow through the connected water user so that its operation does not affect the normal functioning of other plumbing appliances in the apartment. In addition, the valve allows for a smooth overlapping of the connected device, which is required by JV 30.13330.2012, item 7.1.4 («The design of the bilge and shut-off valves must ensure smooth opening and closing of the water flow»).

The valve body is made of chrome-plated brass CW 617N, valve head, stem and slide - made of brass CW614N, spool, valve head gasket and stuffing rings – from EPDM Sh70 ethylene-propylene rubber. The rod is secured with a stainless steel bracket.

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VT.240.TN.04051/2" х 3/4"478 p
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Valves and taps for home appliances