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Ball valve with flare nut and inside thread

(VT.266.N) The ball corner valve with union nut provides for the breakdown of the pipeline into the cut-off repair areas, favorably differing from the demountable driving and ball valves with semi-carriages used for the same purpose. It does not have rubber sealing rings that reduce the temperature resistance of the product and its overall service life, does not require the use of a special key for mounting and dismantling, it is smaller, cheaper and lighter than the corner cranes with half-carriages, and has fewer potential leakage zones.

The corner ball valve with union nut and inside thread VT.266.N is designed on the basis of the VALTEC BASE series, repairable, suitable for use in systems with a maximum working fluid temperature of 130 °C and a nominal pressure of 4.0 MPa. The average total resource of the crane is 55 thousand cycles.

The union nut of the crane is connected to the return external thread of the pipeline or reinforcement through a flat gasket made from asbestos-free paronite. Installation and dismantling of the crane is performed by conventional pipe keys.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VT.266.N.04041/2" х 1/2"436 p
VT.266.N.05053/4" х 3/4"599 p
VT.266.N.06061" х 1"1013 p
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