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Ball valve with a coupling nut FM

(VT.260.N) Ball valve with coupling nut ensures division of the pipe circuit in intercepted repair sections, which gainfully distinguishes the valve from dismountable pipe connections and ball valves with one-ended threaded pipe fittings, as it does not have rubber O-rings, which reduce article thermal resistance and its total service life, requires no use of special pipe wrench for erection and dismantling, is more compact, light and cheap than the valve with an one-ended threaded pipe fittings and has less areas of potential leakage.

The model has been designed based on VALTEC BASE series. The coupling nut of the valve is connected with the corresponding male thread of the pipe circuit or fittings through a flat packing made of asbestos-free paronite. Valve mounting and dismantling is performed using common tube wrenches.

VT.260.N ball valve is a full-opening plug repairable valve designed for use in the systems with maximum operating environment temperature of 130 °C and nominal pressure of 4.0 MPa. The valve average service life is 55 thousand cycles.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VT.260.N.05053/4"385 p
VT.260.N.06061"598 p
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