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Wireless electronic room chronothermostat

(VT.AC707.0) VT.AC 707 wireless room chronothermostat is designed to automatically regulate and maintain the programmed air temperature in the serviced space by providing control signals to the elements of the climate systems (heat generator, servomotor, pump, fan, etc.).

The instrument consists of two parts: The thermostat itself and the control signal receiver, which switches the inline relay pins when the specified temperature is reached. The range is 50 m.

The chronothermostat is programmed for each of the seven days of the week by setting a schedule for temperature change during the day. The user can make six automatic temperature maintenance modes. In this way, it is possible to manage indoor climates according to the lifestyle of specific users.

Chronothermostat is equipped with an anti-freezing function, letting to maintain the internal air temperature at a level of at least 5 °C. The keyboard lock feature is available in Advanced settings mode. This is very useful mode for protecting your system against accidental intervention or for limiting the access of children.

The type of switching relay is a three-contact one, which allows actuators to be properly opened (PO) and properly closed (PC), with a power voltage of 220 as well as 24 V.

Radiochronotermostat can be used in cases where no wires are available, or if a decision to use regulation has been made after the start of the system.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VT.AC707.0.0220 V, 50 m7090 p
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