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Thread fitting – one-end thread fitting with a union nut and a male thread

(VTr.613.N) Thread fittings with a union nut allow the construction of detachable connections on pipelines of any purpose, as well as to install fittings with the possibility of dismantling them without disassembling the entire pipeline.

The thread fitting is one-end thread fitting with a union nut and male thread can be used to construct a detachable connection of steel pipelines with expansion tanks, water heaters and heat exchangers.

The fitting is made by hot volumetric stamping of brass CW617N and is completed with a flat sealing gasket made of asbestos-free paronite.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VTr.613.N.04041/2" x 1/2"101 p
VTr.613.N.05043/4" x 1/2"124 p
VTr.613.N.05053/4" x 3/4"147 p
VTr.613.N.06051" x 3/4"257 p
VTr.613.N.07061 1/4" x 1"368 p
* Prices shown are recommended retail prices by the manufacturer


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