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Flexible connector kit for mixer

(VTf.005.IS) The flexible connection kit for connecting the mixer combines a pair of flexible VALTEC sub-assemblies with end pieces of nut-fitting, 1/2 "x M10, the length of the union is 18 and 35 mm (this combination provides convenient connection of the supply pipes).

The flexible VALTEC feed pipe is meant for connecting water supply, heating and sanitary devices and water consuming household appliances, to the pipeline.

VTf.00X.IS flexible feed pipes are meant for use under a working pressure of 10 bar (maximum pressure: 20 bar) and temperature ranging from 1 to 95 °С (maximum temperature: 100 °С). The hose’s inner diameter: 8.5 ±0.5 mm. The insert nipple, coupling nuts, compression sleeves and hose sheathing are made of stainless-steel brand AISI 304. Use of stainless steel nipple allowed exclude fracture of this element and increase reliability of the whole article.

The length of the proposed sub-range is from 30 to 150 cm. This allows the user to select the optimum mixer connection set.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VTf.005.IS.041003030 sm205 p
VTf.005.IS.041004040 sm218 p
VTf.005.IS.041005050 sm233 p
VTf.005.IS.041006060 sm248 p
VTf.005.IS.041008080 sm280 p
VTf.005.IS.0410100100 sm317 p
VTf.005.IS.0410120120 sm349 p
VTf.005.IS.0410150150 sm396 p
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Flexible connector pipes for water