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Hot water recirculating pump with speed control

(VRS.121EM.15) The recirculating pump VALTEC VRS.121EM is designed to generate forced water recirculation in hot water systems and can be used as a recirculating pump in heating systems, hydraulic losses of not more than 15 kPa.

The hot water recirculating pump with a speed control mode can be preset to a constant speed of the impeller with a shaft power of 3 to 9 W. In the frequency regulation mode, the pump automatically adjusts to the current characteristics of the serviced system.

The pump has a spherical rotor with an integrated impeller. The rotor and the impeller are made of ferromagnet. The material of the pump body is stainless steel.

Maximum pump head – 1,7 (effective head 1,2) m; maximum capacity – 650 l/h; maximum operating temperature – 95 °C; voltage supply – 220 V (50 Hz); connecting thread diameter – 1/2" (female).

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VRS.121EM.15.0220 V (50 Hz), 1/2"6260 p
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