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Membrane tanks for water supply circuits

The membrane tank for water supply, serves as a reservoir of water, from where in case of need it automatically supplied to the users under the effect of the elastic membrane and compressed in the “dry” part of the tank air. This reduces the numbers of times the pump is turned ON, which translates as the extension of pump’s life and the commutating fittings. Independent of the functional purpose of the utility circuit, the membrane tank compensates pressure surges in it and dampens hydraulic impacts. The VALTEC trademark offers water supply membrane tanks of volumes from 8 to 150 litres. They are fitted with replaceable membranes, which are made of EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer rubber). This synthetic rubber, exhibits elasticity, temperature and chemical resistance and mainly longevity: the membranes made of this material can withstand up to 100 thousand cycles of dynamic loading. The body is made of carbon-steel. The water supply membrane tanks are painted with blue epoxy polyester from outside.