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Heating system membrane tanks

The volume of the liquid depends on its temperature: it increase in case of heating and in case of cooling it reduces. To compensate such changes the circuits for water based heating, cooling, hot water supply are fitted with expansion tanks. This tank holds excess heating medium. In case of fall in temperature of the liquid it returns to the circuit. Due to this the circuit is always filled and its pressure is stable. In modern heating and HWS systems we use membrane type expansion tanks. Its structure excludes the possibility of the heating medium coming into contact with the atmosphere and conduction into the heating medium of oxygen, which is the main cause of corrosion of equipment and air-locking. Except for that unlike the ordinary expansion tank, the membrane type tank can be placed anywhere in the house (open - only at the top of the system). Independent of the functional purpose of the utility circuit the membrane tank compensates for pressure fluctuations and dampens hydraulic impacts. The VALTEC range includes expansion tanks of volumes from 8 to 150 litres. They are fitted with replaceable EPDM membranes. This is synthetic rubber, which exhibits elasticity and temperature and chemical resistance, as well as longevity: membranes made of this material can withstand up to 100 thousand cycles of dynamic loading. The body is made of carbon-steel. The membrane tank bodies are painted with red epoxy polyester paint from outside.