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Automatic vertical air-vent

(VT.502.NV) Automatic vertical air vent can be used on pipelines transporting water, ethylene- and propylene glycol non-frosting coolant, other liquids that are not aggressive to the materials of the product. The design of the air vent is float-actuated, with a lever actuator. Repairable. The body parts of the air vent are made of high-quality sanitary brass, nickel-plated. Connecting thread – external, ½".

The upper (vertical) location of the outlet duct expands the application of the air vent and simplifies the choice of the location of its installation.

This model is less sensitive to the quality of the coolant, compared to conventional, thanks to the improved design of the spring-loaded spool pad.

Application: open heating systems, radiators, convectors, etc., heating pipes, hot and cold water supply, air separators.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VT.502.NV.041/2"410 p
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