A popular proverb says: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. We totally agree with this and therefore we have launched a section for the visitors to our site, which will visually exhibit VALTEC products, their uses, requirements, sequence of use and plans to install a piping circuit using those fittings. This will enable the experts and consumers decided which fittings and materials to buy and to avoid mistakes in their installation and operations. We will do our best to make the videos in such a way that they would be understandable for the broadest range of out site’s visitors, irrespective of their professional qualifications. Simply about the complex things: this is the moto of our creative team, which is engaged in making these videos. The VLATEC video collection is conceived as a unique interactive project to present such information. Sending your query to you can get a visual response to any of your questions, which concern the functionality of VALTEC products and working with them.