Three-way thermostatic valve, butt-weld connection, Left

(VT.035.L) Thermostatic radiator valve for single pipe circuits of water based heating with working temperature of up to 120OC and working pressure of up to 16 Bar. The valve’s body is made of carbon-steel and had three connection pipes: to the heating device, to the feed pipe in the circuit and to the terminating end pipe. The valve is connected through butt-welding. The outer diameter of the connection pipes: 26 and 21 (to the terminating end) mm; wall thickness: 3mm. Other parts of the valve are made of high-quality sanitary brass brand CW 617N (body lid, lock nut) and CW 614N (stem and valve spindle parts), spring: stainless-steel. The body lid, lock nut and the stem are nickel-plated. The spindle seal and lock nut gasket material Teflon; stem gasket and body lid: EPDM. The valve can be combined with thermostatic head or servo motor, controlled using an inside thermostat or regulator. Thermostatic head or servo motor connection thread: male 30x1.5. It is also possible to manually regulate the flow of heating medium using the regulatory cap. Mainly the VT.035 thermostatic valve is used as a heat regulator, which is built-in into steel heating convectors. The L-model is meant for installation on the left-hand side of the heating device.

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VT.035.L.0426/21 mm1002
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Valvole termostatiche per radiatori