Universal electric press-tool VALTEC UCZ

(VT.1550.UCZ) The VALTEC UCZ radial electric tool is designed to carry out moulding together various types of pipes (metal, polymer, including PE-RT pipes, copper and stainless steel) pipes with an outside diameter of 10 to 108 mm (3/8"– 4").

The tool is equipped with a hydraulic power supply of 490 watts, which is powered by an AC power source for 220–240 V, and creates a proof-test pressure of 3.2 tonnes. Automatic reversing, sound and light alarms, notifying of errors in operation, self diagnose functions when plugging the tool on, light alarms, notifying of approaching term of/necessity of maintenance (with periodicity of 30 thousand cycles) are provided. Instrument weight is 4.1 kg.

The hydraulic drive provides for a minimum amount of wearable parts and increases the lifespan. The estimated lifespan of the tool, provided that the average full resource is not exceeded (2,000 machine/hours) and maintenance conditions are followed, is 8 years.VALTEC UCZ electric moulding tool is supplied in a handy metal case with slots for capping pieces.

VALTEC UCZ electric presstool is supplied in a practical metal case with sockets for nozzles.

Nozzles are not included in the delivery set but are purchased separately for each profile and diameter of the connected pipe circuit: when installing crimp fittings of VT.200 series (for PEX-AL-PEX, PEХ-EVOH, PE-RT pipes), nozzles of ТН profile are required ( VTm. 295.0); for VTi.900 series press fittings of VT.INOX-PRESS system, profile “V” is necessary (VT.PB2.V.xx, VT.5701xx, Vtm.295.V).

VT.1550.UCZ universal electric press-tool is compatible with nozzles not only of VALTEC brand, but also of other companies, Rems and Novopress.

Dimensione/quantitativoPrezzo unitario
VT.1550.UCZ.220220 В, 4,1 кг71885
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