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Electrical press-tool nozzle, standard V

(VT.PB2.V) VALTEC EPL202 electrical pressing tool nozzle allows compression of VALTEC INOX-PRESS press-fittings made from stainless steel and other fittings with a V compression profile.

The nozzles for the VT. PB2.V pressing tool have a small weight, they are compact and have an improved outer contour, letting you work in difficult environment.

The country of origin is Germany.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VT.PB2.V.1515 mm10909 p
VT.PB2.V.2222 mm10909 p
VT.PB2.V.2828 mm10909 p
VT.PB2.V.3535 mm10909 p
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