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Automatic differential pressure regulator with shut-off valve

(VT.040.G) The automatic differential pressure regulator is designed to maintain a preset differential pressure in the dynamic mode (in the area between the regulator and the connection point of the impulse tube) in two-pipe heating and cooling systems with variable flow.

When used as part of the offered kit, the regulator is mounted on the return pipeline, the shut-off and control valve are mounted on the supply pipeline. In this case, the valve sets the design value of the binding differential pressure in the maintained circuit (the setting for the design flow).

The shut-off valve can also be used as a separate element. In this case, the side connections serve for the instrumental measurement of the differential pressure.

The kit includes also an impulse tube with connecting fittings and detachable heat-insulating covers made of foamed polypropylene.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VT.040.G.300041/2", 50–300 mbar10253 p
VT.040.G.300053/4", 50–300 mbar10507 p
VT.040.G.300061", 50–300 mbar11258 p
VT.040.G.600041/2", 250–600 mbar10253 p
VT.040.G.600053/4", 250–600 mbar10507 p
VT.040.G.600061", 250–600 mbar11258 p
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