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Wi-Fi deveice for data collection and transmission             

(VT.USPD.R1) VT.USPD data collection and transmission device is aimed at providing information on resource flows from accounting devices with pulse output (water, heat, gas meters), signals going from sensors with "a dry contact" output (leakage sensor, temperature, pressure sensors, etc.), pipe fittings gears, transmission of received data through the radio channel to the server for further processing and use.

VT. USPD is an electronic block with a built-in Wi-Fi module (802.11 b/g/n protocol) and power elements (three AA-batteries) with a damp and dustproof body, with eight pairs of outputs with spring-mounted terminal strips to connect counters and sensors.

The device polls the status of the counters at the specified frequency and sends the received signals to the server. Signals from sensors initiate an instant message to the server. If the data link is not available, the device collects data (the maximum archive depth is one month) and, when the link arrives, passes it to the server. To protect against unauthorized interference, an anti-crack detector is provided and a signal is transmitted to the server when it is activated.

The tool meets the requirements of the State Committee on radio frequencies set out in the Decision No. 07-20-03-001 dd. May 7, 2007.

    The main benefits of the VT.USPD:
  • Your apartment is under control when you're in the country, on vacation, or at work.
  • Protection of your country-house or single-family house from flooding or thawing of heating.
  • Collection of data and control of tenants' expenses.
  • Automatic transmission of data from your meters to the Management Company/ Home Unit Company and etc.
  • Independent power source.
  • Easy installation and adjustment.

VT.USPD data collection and processing unit can be used both by managing company of an apartment house, and by the apartment or house owner or tenant.

The buyer purchasing the unit gets free access to the SAURES (www.saures.ru) system of automatic control and accounting of resources, he/she gets personal account and the possibility to adjust personal settings and receive information to the mobile phone or computer.

VT. USPD does not require a separate Wi-Fi network, you can use the existing home or public network to connect the device.

No subscription fee. You can download free SAURES application for Android and Apple mobile devices on Play Market and Apple Store.

User technical support is also provided free of charge – you can get a consultation by phone or e-mail.

After the VT.USPD data collection and processing unit installation, the owner or the tenant of the real estate will be able to receive electronically the readings of accounting meters, analytical reports, information on errors in the work of home equipment. For example, the user will receive a warning notification on abnormal water consumption due to leaking plumbing or tap left open.

Equipping the multi-apartment house with VT.USPD units, home owners association or managing company will automatically receive readings from meters, information about possible accidents and abuses of unscrupulous tenants.

Leakage control can be carried out according to the readings of meters and leakage sensors. Information about the leakage goes to the owner of the apartment and to the home owners association. Water turning off can be carried out automatically or via a remotely controlled tap.

Up to eight meters or sensors can be connected to VT.USPD unit.

The device is powered by three AA batteries (it is possible to use external power unit). Battery charge is enough for at least four years of its operation.

ArticleSize / number ofPrice per unit
VT.USPD.R1.04,5 V, 802,11 b/g/n2650 p
* Prices shown are recommended retail prices by the manufacturer


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